Thursday, December 6, 2007

Pentagon Patents May Contain The Solution To U.S. Oil Crisis

Whenever I hear mention of my agenda's UFO comment, it makes me laugh. It is a reminder of the "selective reception", and "selective perception" of some folks in the general public who think I am talking about reptilian creatures from Mars.

In my extensive agenda there is a one line mention that I am an avid supporter of the "Freedom of Information Act." even if that includes "outlandish things" like UFO's or Unidentified Flying objects, not "Martians or Aliens from space."

This is a position I took after learning about John F. Kennedy and his concern over political secrecy. JFK said that in order for a government to be trustworthy it needs to be "Transparent" and that "Secrecy is repugnant in a free society." This was also repeated by Eisenhower, and numerous other elected officials. Jimmy Carter also had a position and a belief on the subject of political secrecy.

Although my opinion is not exactly the same, I am against almost all secrecy in government. I am also a Mason of which is a secret society but unlike our government it is a open fraternity of which anyone can join. But I assure the general public that there is more concern to be had with the Secrecy of government agencies like the Federal Reserve System's monetary policy impacting our dollar value and our towns purchasing power.

This secrecy thing is nothing new, The Freedom of Information Act has revealed the truth about many important issues like Vietnam and the Gulf of Tonkin, The USS Liberty, The Atom Bomb, Human experimentation, etc.. etc..

I believe that if our government has technology that could end the global energy problem, or help stop global warming, than by all means they owe it to us by now. Even if that means calling on Skunkworks do develop a commercial application of a military energy patent.

For all you folks that may not know what this technology is, should remember that the SR71, and the F117 were both government UFO's until they decided to let us in on their secret. The same goes with the jet engine that has transformed global transportation.

I am of the opinion, that when these technologies are compared to what is buried in the Pentagons secret patent vaults, one will discover projects like the F117 are nothing more than emblematic "Tinker Toys" for our amusement.

I believe the government is suppressing technology and patents that could help with our energy independence, and for this reason alone I believe investigation, exposure and hopefully discovery will force debate on energy alternatives and fair patent laws that free us from the bondage of oil.

The craft depicted above was spotted thousands of times and is rumored (on the web) as being a government craft called the TR3B. The detail of this craft are unknown but countless photos attest to its existence as possibly a U.S. technology hopefully to be revealed soon.

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