Thursday, December 13, 2007 Addresses Rosa Delauro

Last Tuesday I received an E-Mail calling for an antiwar rally hosted by The rally was to be held today in New Haven and directed at Rosa Delauro. There have been few details sent to me thus far about our Congresswoman's response to the rally, however I do plan on doing a follow up ASAP. (My immediate thought is that todays snow storm changed things.)

The nature of this Rally is to stop Pres. Bush from possibly invading Iran to save face in light of the intelligence report that indicates he has known Iran not to be a threat for nearly six months now. If these intelligence reports are in fact the gauge of accuracy we must remember the last intelligence fiasco in Iraq involving bogus threat assessment reports.

While peace is good, and most Americans want peace, we quite strangely ignore the only Presidential candidate who has a solid peace voting record and peace platform (Ron Paul). Instead, CFR'S and hawks like Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton seem to be getting all the voter support, money and attention.

Pardon me, if I offend anyone by saying that the less than reputable intelligence community has marred my and Mr. Bushes view on whether or not to believe any report/s. While no one wants a madman running loose with an atom bomb in the world, let alone America, I can certainly say that this is not one of those things that America can afford to screw up.

For now, I advocate peace with strong border protections and an awesome and unforgettable retaliatory response to any nation that dare tread on us. As for Iran I believe Russia, China, Israel and all its neighbors need to step up to the plate and defend their sovereignty against any would be aggressors or mad men.

Hopefully Rosa Delauro agrees with the crowd and takes any threats to the U.S. before congress (not Bush), so Americans can decide threats as a country for a change.

My thanks to those who stood tall today and acted on behalf of those who could not.

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