Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Taxing Citizens on Their Ability to Pay

This is a novel idea that I have, and yet one I believe in strongly, why not tax citizens on their ability to pay rather than confiscate their very land, home, and belongings for the sole purpose of collecting taxes?

To me the most tyrannical laws on the books are those laws that allow for our government to confiscate and tax property. Taxes in America began as "voluntary Compliance" a term that still exists to this day in our IRS tax code. However "Voluntary" is not all that you would expect it to mean.

"Voluntary Compliance" is merely a misuse of the English language as there is nothing voluntary about having the FED's padlock your business, confiscate your home, and peruse through your personal belongings. "Voluntary Compliance" means nothing when local town's place liens against your home, and eventually end up owning it or force you off your land because you are choosing food and medicine ahead of your taxes.

In a great democratic republic no one should be afraid of their government, let alone have that fear cause you stress and harm as you lay in the cold, hungry, and sick. The very thought of of a person having to chose paying the government ahead of their own pursuit of happiness, once an inalienable right written in the constitution, is unjust un-American and inhumane.

There is no greater conviction of mine that our labor is ours, and our land should remain ours and the only true way to maintain our own personal property ahead of the illusion of ownership, is to assign tax debt as exactly that debt. Debt to be paid not out of confiscation, intimidation, or fear tactics, but rather sound collection practices, based on our individual ability to pay such a debt without harm to ourselves.

Today's post is a reminder of the position I stated in my agenda, as to why I oppose any practice that renders or inhibits individual property rights. Quite simply American's should have the most basic rights of food, shelter, and medicine protected without fear of any loss thereof due to tax debt and or poverty.

The only good news for now is that Americans are so poor the FEDS are getting "FED" up with the amount of loot so many battered broke American's have. Read the latest link.

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