Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Santa Vs. Jesus.

This year while sending out my Christmas cards I carefully thought to find ones that said "Happy Holidays" as Christmas means different things to different people. We are a culture of diversity celebrating all aspects of tradition across all religions. These include Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and some I cannot even think of.

We try not to be insensitive to others, but in my search for the meaning of the holiday I asked several kids about what it was we celebrate on Christmas and many of them had not a clue. The only thing they had on their minds was Santa, the holiday carols, gifts, and decorations.

Quite sadly in the documentary "Supersize Me" more kids can positively ID Ronald McDonald than Jesus Christ, and of course the clouded meaning of the holiday does not stop there. Those who are vocal about Dec. 25Th being the celebration of the birth of Christ are told to take it out of school, city hall, and in essence to pack up any mangers and put them in the privacy of your own home. Those who are courageous enough to display mangers for public display are closely guarding them, especially after several vandals have damaged mangers at churches.

This year I must ask all of you who celebrate Christmas whose birthday do you think it is?

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