Monday, December 17, 2007

Underdog Ron Paul Raises Est. 6 Million in One Day

Yesterday was the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, a critical point in American history where the ejecting of British tea off ships in Boston Harbor spurred a revolution that set America, (and Americans) free from British tyranny.

In the name of that emblematic event over 100 thousand Ron Paul supporters threw their money to Ron Paul breaking an all time one day record once held by John Kerry. So far, he has a solid 6 plus million processed on his website, and today and over the next few days, payments made by check, e-check, paypal, and cash donations are being counted. It is estimated that the final tally could go as high as 7 million dollars making this dark horse hard to ignore.

The media has largely ignored Ron Paul, and many commentators have expressed their belief that the American people do not want a Libertarian leaning Republican in the White House. This opinion aside, even if he loses the Presidential bid, the energy and message set in motion will be hard to ignore.

All people, especially the young, want a return to the "late great America" not the new post "9/11 America" where we have un-imaginable debt, endless war, endangered entitlement promises, a bubble government, and a steady erosion of our liberty. Ron Paul is emblematic of hope and his revolution and supporters speak that message by inverting the word "love", much in the same way John Lennon did, when speaking about this modern day "revolution."

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