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Is Rev. Wright Wrong On AIDS?

This is the very question that I started thinking about after the incredible and very controversial accusation made by Obama's Rev Jeremiah Wright. What I do plan on accomplishing today is an overview of an investigation that I have been undertaking to verify if there is any legitimacy to the claim/opinion by Rev. Wright, that our government did in fact create AIDS.

If this were true, then there certainly must be criminal elements at play. First there has to be Motive, a reason why this AIDS crime was committed. Next their must be a propensity for the crime, meaning, that we must prove it is possible to create a virus in the first place. Lastly there must be credible testimony, hard facts, and evidence that such a crime could have been committed. At the conclusion of this blog, it will be entirely up to you to think about the evidence presented, as if you are a juror, I will merely play "the Devil's Advocate." Ultimately it will be you who decides if Rev. Wright's arguments are simply outrageous or have any basis in truth.

To begin we will start with the main question, what motive is there for the creation of a virus that kills millions?

One Possible Motive:

China, has had grave issues about population control, and humans outnumber all mammals on the planet. Unchecked, humans grow in number exponentially. Our founders protected human life with our Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution, each of which pose serious risks to population control.

The Museum of Natural History in NY predicts that unchecked global overpopulation will lead to a planet that has energy consumption needs that will eventually raze every forest, over fish every sea, pollute the atmosphere to unbearable levels, and lead to wars over simple resources like drinking water, and arable land. This link shows evidence, that not only are humans the gravest threat to the planet, but population control must be attained now if we are to avert a future environmental disaster.

Advances in medicine have also created population control issues as modern medicine has all but cured the ancient plagues that wiped out millions in the last 500 years. Today the mysterious appearance of AIDS has all but done that job too well. The question remains has it surfaced sometime in the 1970's by accident or intent? It is the first of its kind mass killer with no definitive origin.

Another Possible Motive:

Some people believe that money is the driving force behind everything, and we know that America's fiscal health is not in good shape. Social Security is set to run out of money, as well as Medicaid and Medicare in the not so distant future. One deliberate way to solve those problems would be to legislate bad policy and law that shortens the life span of the baby boomers. Since cutting benefits is not politically popular or realistic eliminating the debtor might be tempting. This appears to be happening already as there is grave concern over poor quality health care, unattainable health coverage, rises in cancer, heart disease obesity, and a declining hospital record in preventable deaths. This financial quagmire we are in was noted by Walker of the GAO, and today in the CT Post by our U.S. Treasury secretary Paulson. Of the two greatest concerns one being health care costs, and the other entitlements, each are large Government expenses disbursed to low income poor families in the form of SCHIP programs, Medicare and Medicaid. (For retirees.)

One last point to mention as a impetus or motive would be by the radical elite, those who have enormous power over policy and a overzealous dream of attaining an extended lifespan. In a previous post I mentioned the new emerging science of Senescence as part of the Post Humanist movement. Some corporations have already been established and been aired on popular science channels selling the concept of future preservation. One such company at the cutting edge of this technology is Alcor. This science of aging as a curable disease was also featured in a recent AARP publication where an article appeared by a female scientist on this very subject.

Should any of these radical biotechnology's succeed, than we may have more motive for a carefully orchestrated eugenics program aimed at deliberate population control parallel or equal to a war on the weak, so as the elite may prosper.

A Propensity For Criminal Biological Abuse

This brings me into the next point, and that is does there exist a propensity for such a crime? Sadly the answer is not only yes, but there has been a propensity and history of legislating and violating humans in horrific ways. Throughout history genocide and exterminations have been practiced by global tyrants, who used everything from the Holocaust to the Serbian Genocide to the current Iraqi conflict to random wars. However, In America our first instance of killing through biological warfare was by early settlers using disease tainted blankets to kill Native American Indians with Smallpox.

Our country spared few as America passed early laws, condemning not only Indians, but we categorized African Americans as Property of slave owners, legalized the forced sterilization of people Dr's deemed "Feeble Minded", and put people of Japanese descent in concentration camps after Pearl Harbor. This is just the tip of the iceberg and does not count for the Chinese holocaust involving the death of 25 Million or nearly Five times that of Hitler.

At this point you may again be wondering "what does this have to do with AIDS?" and the answer is "Nothing" this information merely demonstrates that all throughout history powerful world leaders have made deliberate and conscious decisions to kill and harm other people of race in the name of another more just cause. Often, and with the help of nationalism, radical religion, global domination, resource quests, money, and whatever else can be conjured up so these horrific choices can be made. Our world leaders currently get plenty of support from the feeble minded masses who think they are informed by the local news channel.

Staged events, like the Gulf of Tonkin hoax, have been previously used to develop the support of Americas underlings to willingly go along with government killing agendas. (Our most recent the 9/11 attack carried out by mostly Saudi Arabian terrorists.)

Today killing has become more scientific, and often disguised under the umbrella of nature. One of these major scientific differences is our incredible Bio-technology industry and their ability to legally, patent and "Vandalise" DNA through GMO's.

The GMO's or "genetically modified organisms" are here and incredibly you are eating them every day in the form of Soy, Corn and most of America's major crops. These genetic modifications are currently being studied and evaluated as one of the possible culprits behind the major Bee problems and the new phenomena known as "Colony Collapse Disorder." This "Frankenstein" science is not limited to just plants, it has also spread to the cloning of Sheep, family pets, and cattle that look completely un-natural.

Animals are also being injected with bovine growth hormones, and sports players now prefer a similar hormone injection rather than steroids to improve their athletic performance. Meanwhile our children who consume milk tainted with bovine growth hormones often reach puberty years ahead of what should naturally occur. These experiments are currently ongoing right here near Connecticut in a place not far from Lyme CT(Ironically Lyme disease is named after this town) called Plum Island. This is just one of many places such biological research goes on and has been the subject of a popular best selling novel. Other places not readily advertised but generally known to be true are military biological warfare facilities who conduct work that is entirely classified.

These facilities became the subject of debate when alleged strains of a unique Anthrax virus were being mailed out to political heads and created a national scare in 2001. Americans and our leaders were afraid to open their mail and the news paralyzed the nations post offices. Soon after the scare the strain of Anthrax was identified by the scientific community as being connected to the U.S. military and before any more controversy on the subject could be had, the scares stopped and so did the news and coverage on the Anthrax topic.

This information clearly paints a compelling picture that the technology is available, even without mentioning the eclectic work and success of the Human Genome Project of which in and of itself has created enormous controversy regarding personal genetic privacy. But the question now remains what evidence exists that Reverend Wright is correct that the U.S. Government did in fact create the AIDS virus?

Evidence If Any:

The most obvious and deliberate spread of Aids on record is that of the Bayer corporation. Their motive is largely believed to have been profit, but they shook the world when it was discovered they were selling Aids Tainted Drugs to hemophiliac children overseas.

This case alone does not connect the US to a crime, however the U.S. is culpable because officials at the FDA knew these vaccines were tainted, they blocked the sale of the drug in the U.S., however someone "dropped the ball" and allowed Bayer to lie and deliver AIDS tainted drugs overseas. This complacency in authority may be suggestive of a failed policy of lax enforcement and limited interest in curtailing the global spread of AIDS.

One such man Boyd Graves, comes up time and again as having more proof that the Aids virus was created by the U.S. Government and even sites this patent (4647773) as being withheld from the public. He also has engaged in tremendous research uncovering connections between Gallo's Visno, and modern day HIV. Graves is of the opinion that both are one and the same. One is an admitted laboratory creation, the other an anomaly of nature with no explanation of its origin or genesis. Both appear to be identical in appearance under a microscope. Only one (HIV) is denied by the officials in our government as being fabricated. Boyd has tremendous energy and is actively involved in many court battles trying to get his truth out about the horrible disease of Aids.

Boyd Graves has also been a guest on several talk radio shows and is now appearing on Youtube and Internet search engines. His website is an enigma of information, and his energy and dedication to his cause admirable. If there is one shred of truth to Boyd Graves story, America and its elite scientists may be culpable for the greatest human atrocity in history....An Est. 800 million Deaths since the discovery of HIV.


In conclusion I will say that I cannot attest or verify any of the scientific and patent research as most Americans cannot, but some in the medical community and "in the know" of scientific facts should certainly be sent a link to this post to verify the legitimacy of this claim.

However outrageous the belief that our Government, or some clandestine operation operating within, has purposely created an AIDS virus, SARS or some other epidemic is beyond my ability to prove. However, I do believe that enough evidence exists to remain "open minded" and not "blindly" dismiss the claims of Rev. Wright as "insane." I do agree that at first glance and without looking into the previous conduct of our government The Rev. certainly sounds "insane." But I believe his concerns are deep rooted, he has not taken them back, and he may have poorly explained his opinion in a manner that is misunderstood by common Americans.

In today's post 9/11 world "vigilance" is in all our best interests even if that vigilance is against our own corrupting leaders in government. At the very least we owe it to ourselves to investigate some "outlandish remarks." Our forefathers did not trust the government, and it would not be terribly un-patriotic of you to distrust the government either, as a matter of fact it is what the "Spirit" of the constitution demands.

Boyd Graves Federal Lawsuit has been recently dismissed as "frivolous" but he has refiled again in the hope of having his experts heard.

For PDF on AIDS Statistics click HERE

Video Of Boyd Graves Interview.

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