Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Watering Plants In Devon Once A Week "Isn't Possible" How Sad!

Mayor James L. Richetelli Jr. told the Devon committee that the Department of Public Works is "overburdened," and asking them to water plants and flowers once a week "isn't" possible.

What is wrong with our leaders? How much work could it be to water some plants and flowers in key parts of town? The people of Devon would love nothing more than to have their main streets and beaches decorated with flowers and seasonal plants.

This is a very inexpensive trend that many cities use to beautify the local neighborhoods. In my opinion there is nothing more attractive than to drive up the street and see nicely planted flowers in the parks, beaches and business districts.

Many business owners would benefit from this type of beautification and although I cannot speak for every business owner, If the city gave me a flower pot to put in front of my business I would volunteer to care for it as I believe it would improve my business image.

Just for an instance let us say that the Devon Revitalization Committee approved 100 strategically placed flower pots at local beaches, public parks and within the business district. I would suppose that in one eight hour day, a high school kid with a summer job could effectively care for all of them with a water truck. Assuming the city cannot afford a water truck it may take twice that long, but in either case this lame excuse that it "Isn't Possible" is about as ignorant as the word "Isn't" of which "is not" proper English.

The photo above is of a very popular "adopt a spot" program where businesses are permitted to plant flowers on city property provided they maintain it. In exchange they get a small tasteful sign advertising their business. This has been done with great success throughout many towns in CT and beyond, including Westport.

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