Tuesday, June 17, 2008

July 6, 1999 Devon's Revitalization Committe Has Its First Meeting

This was the first recorded meeting that I could locate regarding the Devon Revitalization Committee. During that meeting the committee interviewed three firms; TPA, Westcott & Mapes, and Stephen Wing.

Nearly Nine years later Devon is still struggling to change its overall appearance, secure developers, face off to local opposition, and plead with the state for continued funding.

When one visits Devon, they are greeted with a very large and official sign from the state of CT. The sign is located at the corner of Bridgeport Ave. and Naugatuck Ave. Locals have been calling for changes to the look and feel of the facade's on the Bridgeport Ave. Corridor through Devon into Milford.

Robert Russ, a blogger for the Village of Devon Blog has indicated that in addition to these challenges there have been some successes as well but all of it not as great as one would hope. Robert Russ a Devon Resident said in 7/07 "Why if we are doing so much work to Devon does it look so half incomplete. It was a nice start at the bridge. Liberty Rock is a nice addition. Please not another useless expensive clock. All the power lines should have been put underground the streets just don't look right. "

Another un-named resident said: "I think my main concern at this point is the traffic. There are a few traffic lights that could/should be rethought. On Naugatuck Ave, the delayed light by the tile store should have an arrow. All of us who live in the area know the light timing, but what about those that are all moving into the area now? Also, at the light at Naugatuck and Spring Street, that light should NOT turn green at the same time as the light next to Al Dente. They are not even facing each other. I was almost hit by a bus the other day because we both had a green light and we unaware the other had one. VERY dangerous! "

While I have personally visited the Devon area my opinion is that the corridor needs to be redeveloped, and planning and zoning needs to implement new zoning rules for signage, and new construction improvements in those areas. Grants from the state should be given to the business owners of those buildings who agree to have the facades of their stores rebuilt to a standard that preserves the character and charm of Milford. These should include the formation of a business redevelopment group and involve participation and support from local business owners who desire to improve the pedestrian traffic and parking within the vicinity of their businesses. Hopefully this can still be accomplished in light of the state of Connecticuts new financial problems.

For a complete list of minutes regarding the progress of the Devon Revitalization Committee click on the link at the bottom of this page.

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