Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Monarch's And CEO'S Meet In Chantilly VA

This is something that was puzzling to me especially since our news media said nothing of the event. This event is very exciting and yet significant because when our nations top executives and monarchs get together for a couple of days, I suppose it is kind of like all the bullies in the schoolyard associating with baseball bat manufactures.

The event did not go completely unnoticed as Jack Schaffer at Slate Magazine wrote an article in defiance of the privacy mandate our world leaders demanded.

The partial list of attendees at this meeting were as follows: Paul Wolfowitz, Ben Bernake, Condoleza Rice, David Rockefeller, Several heads of world banks Google and Yahoo's CEO etc. etc.
Click HERE for the full list.

What makes this meeting significant to every single person in America is that it violates the Logan Act, an act that specifically bars our U.S. Leaders from engaging in global policy decisions outside of Washington D.C. and without the expressed legal consent of a vote in Congress. The Logan act is very specific, and these types of meetings are highly illegal.

This would make absolute sense as to why the corporate media has been so "hush" on these events. They are most likely not covering them because they are being conducted in a manner that precludes them from obtaining press releases. If their intentions are rooted in Corporate Feudalism as Ralph Nader states is becoming the case in America, than any news on the subject of this meeting would be wildly unpopular.

However, being caught red handed this year and several protesters with bull horns dragging them out in the open thanks to the Internet. The globalist assembly released this press release, admitting to their meeting and defending why it is they needed to assemble in a sneaky manner at a hotel in Chantilly Virginia.

This press release appears to be a blatant admission that violations of the Logan Act took place, and yet we as the pawns of their elitist agenda we have all but been "declawed" of any way to hold them accountable. As a matter fact the Elite Oligarchs who run our country have tried on numerous occasions to to repeal the Logan Act but to no success. What they did manage to achieve for themselves was the suspension of its ever being enforced and no one has been convicted of it in nearly 50+ years.

Even though these meetings are called "private" the Department of Justice as confirmed by a source at Apple Computer via E-Mail, indicated that the American Taxpayers had purchased every member of this group an Expensive Ipod with an engraving on it "Bilderberg 2008." If these meeting are in fact not "Official" than perhaps they should purchase their own Ipods, plus who knows what else the taxpayers funded of this "private" meeting.

In conclusion the purpose of this article is to expose the fact that these meetings go on, and what they are up to only leaves ones imagination going. Their official press release should reassure even the most pessimistic person that this event did in-fact take place, this alone should be enough to warrant each and every one of us to start asking questions as to the scope and purpose of their intentions.

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