Friday, June 20, 2008

Milford Graduates & Steps Up.

One of the most important days in a young persons lives ought to be graduation. This day is indicative of the years of hard work, study and accomplishment of building life's skills. It instills a lasting sense of pride and confidence, but most important knowledge is something that can never be taken away.

One quote I personally remembered I saw on a bumper sticker. The quote said that "if you think education is expensive try ignorance!" Than I remembered all those days when I had made bad choices that cost me dearly. To this day, despite being finished with college I still find plenty of challenges that lead me to frustration. One in particular that I have come to cope with is the cost of education as paid for by our property taxes. Of all the taxes we pay in life, by far this one is the most important. This tax determines the population of our prison system, the fate of our economy, the quality of our health care, the competence of our government leaders and our part in competing with the world. None of this can happen without first good kids from strong moral families, and next our community supporting quality education that instills hope and opportunity for every kids future.

One of the best tools that was given to me by my great many teachers whom I am indebted to for life are those valuable research skills and the learned humility of asking lots of questions when I lack the answers. Socrates, the great Greek philosepher once said "the only thing I know for certain is that I know nothing." This was alluding to to the fact that the more a person delves into knowledge the exponential explosion of unanswered questions ensues as a result of the initial answers to the original basic questions.

Socrates also said that "ignorance is the only terrible evil" as it renders a person a prisoner of their own mind, limiting that person to succeed in the basic mundane tasks only attainable by their limited scope of knowledge. Even this should not deter a person from wanting better, thankfully God gave us Eyes, Ears, and Speech and as such if one could just lay their ego aside asking questions and questioning everything is the first step in opening up to learning new things.

With this said I would personally like to congratulate each and every young person and adult who has had the great honor and privilege of a graduation, especially those youngsters who had a "moving up ceremony" as they will be moving on to High School next year. The future is yours, and as our current leaders wax and wane away what you have now learned through your trials and tribulations amid the annals of our great educational institutions will make you Americas next beacon of light guiding this country, state and town on behalf of your not so fortunate peers.

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