Sunday, June 8, 2008

Frank and Independent Party Welcome Ralph Nader To Connecticut

America's renowned consumer advocate and presidential candidate Ralph Nader greeted a crowd of people in a Middlebury church last night. Ralph gave a speech lasting over an hour and a half on what he thought were our great nations troubles.

His speech was inspiring, and at times moving, Nader has been using his celebrity status to inform the next generation of voters as to the true nature of what he called corporate feudalism and its death grip on Washington D.C.

Nader has been critical of the Corporation who has no voting rights or in many cases no allegiance to our nation gaining complete control over our leadership in D.C. The new trend has become policy for profit, and the corporate giants employ candidates of their choosing to achieve their global financial objectives.

Nader has called the electoral system a sham, where the news covers simple soundbites that often leave out much vital news facts. He also cited the media as the machine that raises their "sweetheart" candidates to stardom building the required credibility that they need to succeed. Nader also mentioned that he had been previously sued by numerous political factions in many states to have his name removed from the ballot. He called such a practice an unethical form of legal political harassment.

Nader who is now about 70 years old will not run again in any future political office, but many of us today should be thankful for his life work of challenging automakers in the 60's-70's to make our cars safer. Nader's auto safety standards resulted in the implementation of crumple zones and safer steering columns saving the lives of innumerable young drivers and adults. The very cars we drive today are safer because of his selfless commitment and relentless efforts.

It was an honor and a privilege to hear Nader speak in Middlebury, and a greater honor to have had the time to personally meet with him after the event and discuss some of my own agenda items. Let this post stand as my sincere appreciation and testament to his hard work that has so benefited the safety of my family, not only in cars but in countless other consumer issues, including his current efforts in challenging Chinese companies for their criminal policy of placing lead and toxins in our imported toys and other unrelated products.

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