Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Miller's Hardware May Get Re-Developed

Miller's Hardware, located next to Dunkin Donuts on the town green has been eyed by Smithcraft, a developer who has "eyed" the property for commercial re-development. The property according to Smithcraft has several challenges, and although they hold the option to buy the property that option has now expired. One of Smithcrafts concerns is the lack of parking at that site, they have made an effort to purchase the adjoining parking lot but were not successful in their bid.

The economy also has posed some challenges, and is another reason they let the option expire, but more so than that without sufficient parking the building can only be redeveloped in its own footprint. Having personally visited this site I can say that the property is very odd, and it will be difficult to design a functional building.

Miller's Hardware was severely damaged by a fire several years ago, the store was closed after the fire sprinklers soaked the premises for several hours. Smith, like most hardware stores was also challenged when rival Home Depot opened in Orange, and today with the newly built Lowe's it is highly unlikely a local hardware store will ever be able to effectively compete in downtown Milford.

As of now the Miller family is still negotiating with Robert Smith, and his partner Philip Craft.

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