Monday, August 31, 2009

The "Cats Out Of The Bag" Yes My Brother-In-Law Is on The Ticket

Well after reading the latest news at the CT Post and the New Haven Register it became clear that the Independent Party scored another victory. My brother-in-law Mark Stapleton succeded in holding out long enough to make the Republicans virtually "get on their knees and beg like a puppy."

Last sunday night, and in a "speechless" way our entire family was less than amused at the fact that we both found it "funny" that we were running against each other. What the Republicans do not know is that Mark was with the Independent Party from the very first meeting.

They also do not know that Mark and I share Harley's together, I taught Mark how to ride a motorcycle, back when he had a scooter Mark wanted to upgrade to the "big time" so after I taught him how to ride my Harley motorcycle, he found it as thrilling as I found it.

One day to both our excitement, Mark graduated to his own bike also just like mine a Sportster but there soon was a problem and we were working on his motorcycle together much like a couple of buddies working on our Mongoose bicycles. That was one of my most memorable days of me and my Brother-In-Law and it was only recently.

Mark has always been my kindred brother, and I will always be proud of the memory we share of me pushing him on his Harley and getting that first Jump Start.

One thing about the cruelty of politics, once the Party announces candidates without knowing who they are its pretty much settled. As for Mark if you are reading this "congrats are in order" at Sunday Dinner.

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