Sunday, August 23, 2009

Richetelli Opens New Head Quarters In "Odd" Place

Currently under construction is the Jim Richetelli Head Quarters on New Haven Ave. The location, formerly a exotic fish and coral store, once boasted exotic creatures and animals from all over the world.

Jim Richetelli's HQ is also in the same plaza with the Computerfox, owned and operated by the Milford Independent Parties very own Rocco Frank the First District candidate for the board of education.

While Frank had planned on heavily promoting the Independent Party from this location, including attaching Peter Spalthoff Banners on the side of his Computerfox van, the Richetelli presence will be challenging.

Rocco Frank said that members of the Republican party were very aware that he occupied the Computerfox, and placing their Headquarters in the same plaza is a classic case of "Squatting" on the turf of the Independent Party.

Mr. Frank said, that he finds their choice of a location rather "odd" and somewhat of a "passive aggressive rub" on the part of the Republican party. While they are free to rent where ever they wish, without a doubt the Republicans can expect to be "Rubbing Elbows" with the Independent Party, who also, in the past, has had meetings in that same plaza.

The bigger "Rub" however, has been to ComputerFox.Inc, who for years was contracted with the city to engage in summer computerwork. This year, and after forming the Independent Party, the ComputerFox contract was "mysteriously" cancelled.

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