Saturday, August 22, 2009

Independent Party Candidate Concerned Over Milford's Business Audits

Regrettably for Milford’s Business community, the opportunity for Milford’s Board of Aldermen to rescind their approval to hire the North Carolina based firm named Tax Management Associates has lapsed. Milford’s Government Administrators who have the responsibility to assess and levy taxes have convinced the Board of Aldermen unanimously that this new process is fair and not business unfriendly.

Tax Management Associates are now implementing this new doctrine as an agent of the city and some of our businesses should be hearing from them soon. The adoption of this new process may be one of the best single reasons so far for every taxpayer and elector in Milford to consider seeking some new replacements for the Board of Aldermen and Mayor. As a taxpayer and elector you may be asking yourself why it is important to elect new members.

Their actions don’t seem to be directed towards us and it even seems to be a nice financial benefit for us residential taxpayers. So, why you may ask? Here’s why…. Milford’s business community contributes most of the funds paying for all the good municipal jobs and their benefits, quality education, and services that we expect and enjoy. It’s not good business for the city to start deciding which business group can and should pay more in taxes than another. Especially since it’s based on an arbitrary amount of assessed value derived from previous federal profit and loss statements. I would not consider this business friendly and it brings discrimination to our business community.

Their discretion in the implementation of this new process is just the start of the discrimination phase. Everybody should want this discriminatory practice to go away because if not, you never know who the next victim will be when they again decide to process other groups in this manner.

Milford should be more business friendly than all of its surrounding communities. That would be the key to our financial security. When every Alderman agrees to allow one segment of the business community to be discriminated against, that’s a problem. People should elect public officials that are not strangled by major political parties and their contributors. Arrogance veiled with a smile and courtesy can not be tolerated anymore in Milford.

Stephen Borer

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