Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Milford's Jim Amann On TV

The following clip was found on www.myleftnutmeg.com, a liberal Democratic site that has developed a reputation for Lampooning Amann. Without a doubt Milford's former speaker is making a valiant effort in getting his name out.

Recently, this comment from a patron of the Milford Oyster festival came in regarding Amann. (Comment Re-Posted Un-Edited)

"I ventured out on Saturday to take in the excitement of the Oyster Fest. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and spent money, but not a fortune. Love the firefighters-always loud and obnoxious to get you to throw the ball and knock them into the water! I heard some mild disappointment coming from people who couldn't walk outside the designated area with their beers. I also heard people lamenting the lack of shaded areas to eat down on Fowler. I walked around and ran into all kinds of people I know including the illustrious mayor of Milford, Jim Richetelli. Did not see Jimmy Amann anywhere, but did see his signs everywhere. He's gonna have a tough battle with Mama Rell! Overall, it was a fun day filled with popcorn, bubbles, family and friends. Thanks for the opportunity to have a relaxing day! See you next year! BTW how's that funding going?"

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