Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Milford's Democratic Party Officially Split On Mayor

Tim Chaucer has officially decided to forgo a Democratic primary. Instead he will be a brave "lone Democrat." Chaucer who was recently "snubbed" by the Milford Democratic Town Committee, sought to avail himself by forcing a primary.

However, the bosses of the Democratic Town committee saw fit to do things their way. In one evening and by an exclusive members only vote, chose the less "well known" candidate of their choosing. The Democrats decided on a gamble that their candidate Genevieve Salvatore , has enough charm, charisma, and debate to show Milford she is "a class act." The Milford Democrats are counting on her skills as a lawyer, in selling Milford their "new face."

Chaucer, rightfully has been concerned with Genevieve Salvatore's affiliation with "questionable" developers who may circumvent business and political ethics with money and "high priced" attorneys. Chaucer represents a different breed of Democrat, the first (in a long time) to stand up against his party and engage in a de-facto protest.

Chaucer is currently very popular with many Democrats in his district, and around Milford many know him for his contributions in preserving Milford's Heritage.

Peter Spalthoff the Independent Candidate for Mayor is also expected to get a large draw, and with more Great Democratic names in the races... call it just when I say "eat your words" Genevieve it is no longer you against "three republicans" looks like the playing field just got a little more leveled and every vote now counts four times.


Mutt said...

Barbara Genovese is not running for any position in the upcoming municipal election in Milford.

Where the heck do you get your "intelligence"? Also, where the heck do you get all those "quotes"?

Rocco J. Frank Jr. C. E. & Michael Vecchiarelli M.A. said...

Sorry got her firs and last name reversed, Genevieve Salvatore Fixed. Quotes taken from other papers, mirror, CT post, NH Register, etc..

Ed said...

Tim Chaucer wasn't snubbed by the Milford Democrats. The way that I understand it is that he thought that he had to be invited to all of the district meetings to speak, when in fact if he had been proactive about his candidacy and asked about protocol, he would have called the DTC chairs to get permission to come speak (like Genevieve and any other candidate did) and no one would have ever denied him.

The Dems supported Genevieve because she's smart, she's honest, she's straightforward, and she'll make a great mayor. Tim Chaucer has some great ideas (and Genevieve agrees with many of them), and its great for him to continue in the race if he feels that he's the better candidate. I just wish that people wouldn't bring in all of these stories about crooked Democrats which aren't actually true.

Also for the record -- the DTC convention is not an exclusive only, behind the scenes vote. It's completely normal that Town Committees nominate candidates, and to check that policy, the option of primaries is left open. Also the vote taken at the convention is public information and anyone can see it -- there's no "back-room politics" involved.

Anonymous said...

I've heard several mentionso f her supposed "questionable" developers. If you really think that's true (which is sort of silly-she's a one-woman law firm for Pete's sake), name names.

Anonymous said...

Tim Chaucer is best suited to answer that question.