Monday, August 31, 2009

More Republican Drama Fowler Withdraws From The Ballot

The following quote is from the Connecticut Post and Demonstrates that the marred image of the Republican Party continues with Scandals, withdrawals, place keepers, and a desperation to push unwilling candidates on the ballot in the final hours of election deadlines.

The report given to the CT post states that "
Jack Fowler has also indicated that he will withdraw from the race. Working in New York, he doesn't feel he would be able to give the position the time that would be necessary." Fowler, the publisher of The National Review, is a former Board of Aldermen majority leader and a former chairman of the city's Republican Party.

"I was nominated at the convention as a place-keeper after someone who had agreed to run withdrew a few days prior," Fowler said Monday. "My place-keeper status was well-known at the convention. It was also well known amongst Democrats. I would have agreed to run and campaign if no one else had come forward. For a while it looked very much like that was going to be the case," he said.

Fowlers, escape from the malaise of the Republican Party was probably smart given Rhorhig, who was recently investigated, for criminal activity.

The Democrats have been very silent on the Decline of the Republican Party, they, I believe, are saddened by their unfortunate plight and dwindling support base. Some time ago Richard Smith was asked about the Independent Party and he welcomed it, and has been supportive of the Independent Party.

From a Political Strategy, and in the words of their Mayoral Candidate the Independent Party represents two Titan Republicans to them in a "Face Off." So why would they not support the Independent Party.

The Democrats, I believe, are banking on the party schism, drawing sufficient votes from Richetelli to sink his Re-election bid and I believe there is a good chance this will happen.

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