Friday, November 20, 2009

The Dangers Of A New Heathcare Bill

Some few weeks ago, I watched Florida Representative Alan Grayson on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives read one heartfelt health care story after another. His speech, was hard to listen to, not because Grayson is a controversial representative, but because the stories were chilling. They were real people who experienced the loss of a child, a mother, or a relative.

The stories told spoke of incredible financial hardships, in many cases after the "principal bread winner" died along with the families income. The results were terrifying cases of foreclosure, bankruptcy, and severe cases of induced depression, suicide and anxiety. Its hard to look the other way, especially when you realize that this is going on in America and this is what we call "The Greatest Nation on Earth."

Every story Grayson told touched my heart, and I was deeply saddened that so many families have had their lives lost due to the current broken health care system. Never did I expect what I heard next, especially from those people who are on record and are quoted as saying "never let a good crisis go to waste."

These words, spoken by Rohm Emanuel and Hillary Clinton (A former Health care advocate who has gone suddenly silent) are of grave concern. They represent the epitome of all that is wrong in the cruel world we live in. What these words mean to some are not what you would expect in the least. The plan is not about helping you, or giving you affordable access to a flawed health care system but rather a "two pronged dagger" designed to save America from a 70 Trillion dollar unfunded Medicaid/Medicare liability and allowing midnight redaction's of controversial bills that the public has no access to but big corporations do.

The protests are real, our Senator Lieberman vowed a "filibuster" and has been under grave fire from the very families that Mr. Grayson spoke about. Countless health care groups are calling for a positive reform to the current system and their membership and ranks are swelling as they demand action.

The danger to the bills being presented today is the unwelcome intrusion of the big insurance and pharmaceutical companies who are taking the time to read these bills and then launching their "K Street" minion lobbyists to ensure that their profits are not only not threatened, but "increased" under any new Senate bill.

The big Plutocratic and pharmaceutical companies are currently busy making sure that this new crisis "does not go to waste." Their efforts are focused on the inclusion of draconian and horrific enforcement laws that hold those people who have no insurance accountable, forcing the uninsured to buy insurance they cannot afford. They also wish to force businesses on the edge to also forcibly provide insurance to their workers.

Latest reports indicate that the criminal measures directed at the "uninsured" are not extreme enough or to their liking. They know that if the stricter measures of enforcement are passed their pockets will be lined with all that new insurance money.

Under a plan that criminalizes health care, the states and the cities will be deprived of their liberty, and larger prison populations could be expected. Those criminally uninsured prisoners will now be insured by the states already battered health care system. This is a dangerous precedent beyond words, especially when corporations are allowed to unconstitutionally usurp the law to arrest those individuals who can't afford insurance. This is a classic measure of instilling fear in others to act in the best interests of the insurance industries profit model.

Connecticut, with its many insurance companies, will certainly benefit from this kind of medical tyranny, however the average family could expect a higher level of contemptible and icarcerable actions aimed at filling debtors prisons.

The law today forbids individuals from completely bankrupting, student loans, IRS Taxes, Child Support, credit cards, and you must pay for Auto Insurance and soon possibly Health Insurance. The Bankruptcy Reform Act has been all but "neutered" leaving families in "dire straits" with few options to start over. This nightmarish scenario is also being added to a nation that holds 10.2% unemployment, offers few good paying opportunities, allows anyone in the country illegally and produces next to nothing.

The number of prisoners in America is staggering, our nation has more people in prison per capita than any industrial nation on earth. We also have the most amount of debt per capita and are among the unhealthiest in the world. Nelson Mandela once said that "the best way to know your country is to go through its prisons," a quote now re-emergent as Former Ohio Rep. James Trafficante re-enters society.

While I do not mean to berate my country, or to agitate those on the edge of just "giving up," the message to our citizens is becoming increasingly clear. That message is aimed at those Americans who once embraced the "American Dream" to think twice about what they are getting themselves into.

Our nation is becoming one of the most "overtaxed" on earth. None of the taxes individually is that terrible but when put together in aggregate and combined with legal mandates we cannot survive as a middle class family without supporting the inhumane slave labor and sweatshops of foreign countries who are known for their cruelty toward others.

The choice, and the conclusion to the national health care debate is now entering its final stages, and you can be certain that Obama will sign whatever the Senate agrees to. This is your last chance to speak out, protest or get involved. If there was ever a time that the nature of apathy on our parts were more dangerous to your future liberties, this is that time. I sincerely hope that all of you find this issue important enough to make sure that the corporate plutocracy has NO SAY in the future of our health care.

No health care system, that deprives a person of their basic liberties could ever be accepted as successful.

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