Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pets Upset Over Foreclosures

Well they did not actually say that to me directly, but being the son of a Veterinarian, and having a brother who is also a Veterinarian, we have all witnessed first hand what happens to pets after a foreclosure.

Some people, especially elderly people end up going Section 8, or a very polite way to say "welfare." The places in which take old people in are not interested in their pets and those pets often get abandoned. This is also true for many people who become renters, their pets must also go because finding a pet friendly landlord is usually a challenge.

These dogs, and cats end up in many places, some get dropped off at the humane society some end up going to the city animal shelter and other more lucky ones get adopted out. The most unfortunate ones get put to sleep or end up abused or left to the wild.

Today's post is to remind all of you who may be considering a pet to visit your local animal shelter and turn the life of an unfortunate animal around. One of the greatest benefits of owning a pet is that they deter criminals from breaking into your home and give lots of love to their owners.

This holiday season, think beyond the traditional gift giving, and perhaps make an abandoned kitten or puppy a gift for the family. You will truly feel rewarded for helping one of Gods many creatures have a dignified and happy life.

To adopt a pet please contact the Connecticut Humane Society by clicking HERE The CHS also accepts donations of canned pet food, and has a community service program for school age children who wish to help animals.

(Photo from CT Humane Society Web Page)

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