Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lieberman's DC Office Results In 9 Protestors Being Arrested

This morning at 9:15A.M. a group of protestors requested a meeting with Senator Lieberman and refused to leave until they were given an opportunity to meet with him. Senator Lieberman's staff told them that they would not be given a meeting with the Senator. Then they were directed to leave or face being arrested. Senator Lieberman's staff subsequently called the police, and 9 activists were arrested after being physically removed from the building.

According to a website Myleftnutmeg "Some members of the group went to a meeting of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs (which Senator Lieberman chairs) to stage a protest in the presence of Senator Lieberman. They were asked to leave and did so without incident."

The group was also upset with Senator Lieberman's threat last week that he will filibuster any healthcare bill that contains a public option.

On record being arrested are two Uconn students Brittney Florio,and John Mohrbacher, an alumnus. The activists were representing a Healthcare organization called "Mobilization for Health Care For All."

Explaining their actions, a student activist Jason Ortiz said: "We staged a sit-in at Senator Lieberman's office this morning in order to ask him to return the $65,000 campaign donation that he recently received from the Aetna health insurance corporation and to ask him to represent the people of Connecticut, not the insurance companies."

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