Monday, November 16, 2009

Milfords Schools In A Leadership Crisis

The New Republican dominated board of education is being sworn in today, and their first day on the job will be a nightmare. The crisis in leadership however is nothing new to some legacy board members who expunged the last Milford Superintendent in a similar swarm of controversy.

Harvey Polanski our Current Milford School Superintendent who won high and lavish praises from our mayor Jim Richetelli is now mired in a second wave of controversy. This time the Richetelli favorite is accused of lewd and lascivious acts toward two female Principals who made the allegations against our superintendent.

This is the second time this year that Mr. Polanski found himself in the news, for those who may have forgot last August he was investigated along with Republican Board of Education member Joanne Rhorig.

Rhorig resigned from the Board of Education after a firestorm of controversy occurred surrounding her household and numerous allegations of illegal activity. Charges were made that Polanski attended a party where known sexual predators lived, and underage drinking was ongoing in his presence.

Harvey Polanski is currently put on administrative leave. This occurred after an emergency closed door session of the Board of Education voted on an emergency response to the two principals allegations.

According to local sources an outside investigative agency will be hired at an undisclosed sum of taxpayer money. The investigators are expected to conduct a fact finding inquiry into the allegations made by the two Milford principals.

The Milford School System, will temporarily be under the direction of Michael Cummings the Assistant Superintendent. Larry Schaeffer previously took the post once before after our former Superintendent of Schools Gregory A. Firn "exercised poor judgment" and undermined confidence in his leadership by his handling of a situation involving a coach accused of sexual assault.

The board said "Firn's actions regarding a letter of recommendation for former coach Robert Dulin would be considered in the Superintendent's contract negotiations in June." Firn later Resigned of his own recognisance.

This years case may be much more egregious and prove to be an even poorer choice of a candidate for Milford's top paying job should these allegations be proven true. Aggregate factors already overshadowing our current Superintendents administration has also been the terrible results of the CAPT test scores, a test vital to the graduation of Milford's High School students.

The Republican dominated administration holds a majority on every board in the city of Milford except the Planning and Zoning board of which they hold an even stake. The rebuilding of our schools leadership will be at the helm of the incoming administration.

Most onlookers in the know, however, have been less than impressed with the Richetelli record on education of which now includes the towns second Superintendent being mired in troubles, failing CAPT test scores, standing room protests over 180 teachers having their employment threatened, objections over the Jonathan the Law additions, and controversy over media aides being let go and then rehired.


Anonymous said...

Polanksy also received "high and lavish praises" from the out going board of ed, as well as from the University of CT. What does the fact that Mayor Richetelli has praised him as well have to do with the situation? Oh, I see it's always the Mayor's, right?

Rocco J. Frank Jr. C. E. & Michael Vecchiarelli M.A. said...

The mayor is the captain of this town, as such he is responsible for EVERYTHING not just what he "cherry picks" as his success.


He reminds me of the Exxon Valdez captain more and more.

Anonymous said...

You are geting more and more delusional by the day.

JRS said...

Just out of curiosity Mr. Frank C.E. and Mr. Vecchiarelli M.A., was it just Mayor Richetelli that supported Dr. Polansky with "High and Lavish praises?" If my memory serves me right, I beleive that David Amendola (D), Tracy Casey (D), Dave Hourigan (D), Jim Quish (D), Greta Stanford (D), Dave Steinlauf (D), and James Santa Barbara (D), also supported Dr. Polansky with those same "High and Lavish praises." Was the fact that you left them out of your blog posting a mere oversight, or do you have personal vendettas against Mr. Richetelli?

Rocco J. Frank Jr. C. E. & Michael Vecchiarelli M.A. said...

That makes perfect sense now that all these people except for a few are voted out of office.

I suppose now that the school system is going "down the drink" the Republican's can pull an "Obama" and blame the previous administration.

This is the problem with the false "left right paradigm." It is partisan bickering, and the constant evasion of accountability, responsibility and a lack of quality forward thinking leadership in Milford.

Now that our schools are "on the rocks" I hope the mayor has a better plan than to point the finger at the "outgoing crew" as "our ship sinks."

Instead of "crying over spilt milk" why do'nt you tell me the Republican plan.

Perhaps the mayor and his Republican's have a better idea than to "buy out a second contract" wasting more taxpayer money on more controversial employees.

What do you think the right thing to do is, and who hired this guy?