Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Honoring Milford's Fallen Heroes This Veterans Day

Freedom is never free, America has been fighting for its freedom in countless wars against tyranny and public domination. Our most important fight was in 1776, when our nation declared its independence from England and its Royalty.

Since that time the war for our liberty and freedom has endured for over 200 years, and still to this day there are those nations and conspirators who would like nothing more than to chip us like cattle, and enslave us again.

The price we paid for our freedom was heavy, the colors of our flag, the words to our Pledge of Allegiance and our National Anthem should remind us of that sacrifice. Every Family in America knows of, or has a relative, who has fought for and defended America against aggressors. Victory after victory our individual liberty and our world coveted constitution has made America a global mecca for freedom seekers from oppressed nations world wide.

This is because those who believed, and pledged their oath to our Constitution defended it with their lives. Countless children have been orphaned, millions of wives widowed and still today families live with the uncertainty that their husband, daughter, wife, or family member may never return from the perils of the current gulf war.

Veterans are more than just soldiers, more than just "the disabled," more than just people you meet at the store or share a pew with at the church. Veterans are the reason we fly an American Flag over our capitol, they are also the reason we are able to enjoy the inalienable rights granted to us in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence.

There is however, an ominous feeling in the nation this year, and in the words of the late President Eisenhower "the propensity for misplaced power by the military industrial complex will persist" and this is what is causing much of the anxiety in the free world today.

Veterans in our nation are increasingly being mistreated, and a recent MIAC report labeled veterans returning home as potential terrorists or radicals. Veterans and VFW's have been scrutinized more than usual, and efforts to disarm veterans through the Veterans Administrations policy of liberally calling them "mentally unstable" or PTSD has been the new excuse to draft laws that attempt to suspend their Second Amendment Right to bear arms.

The concern by the Pentagon over returning veterans, upset with this nations plight over taxes, national debt, and a potential armed insurrection is very real. The pentagon and President Obama has also called for a civilian military force that in his words is "Just as powerful, Just as strong, and just as well funded."

The military knows that freedom is under attack again, this time not from invading armies, or by those who wish to impose Sharia's law on Americans, but in the word's of David Walker (Former Comptroller General Of The United States) from our Congressional leaders who are immorally marching America into bankruptcy.

The next war in America will be borne of the Tea Party Patriots who will be fighting for our leaders to restore the U.S. Constitution, Fiscal Responsibility, and a return to Corporate Responsibility. Corporate Responsibility ended when Rockefeller bribed a congressmen in his state to introduce a repeal of the Corporate Responsibility Law.

Corporate Responsibility is important in maintaining our freedom, because this is a powerful force corrupting Washington D.C. and our leaders. Corporations are only interested in profits, they are not interested in a clean environment, our freedom, our borders, trade barriers, healthy Americans or or your financial stability. The powerful lobbyists in this country have all but turned America into a Corporate and Bank run Plutocracy whose sole objective seems to be America Inc. not America the Peoples Republic.

The number one enemy corporation to our freedom has been the Federal Reserve System, now (H.R. 1207) with 312 Co-Sponsors is a bill intent on auditing it for the first time since 1913. This FED is a Private Corporation no more Federal than Federal Express and has devalued and stolen the common mans wealth through inflation for its entire existence.

In the coming years Veterans will be confronted with a rather sad reality. That reality will be to either accept or reject that their blood was shed in vain. Believe it or not the Post American movement toward a One World Government, and a New World Order is here, now we must self determine if this is what we want, and what we fought for. The U.S. being a subjective Nation State is in fact what Washington D.C., in conjunction with world institutions and a small group of dominant men expect to impose upon us as their will.

Is this your will? That is the question this Veterans Day.

The below interview is that by Billionaire media mogul and International Traitor George Soros. Soros's comments about the NWO makes him a "Right Wing Conspiracy Extreemist" according to page three of the MIAC report titled "Reemergence of the Movement."

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