Saturday, November 21, 2009

One Sikorski Bandit Apprehended

According to police reports this week the Sikorski credit Union bandit who who robbed the Credit Union on September 29 was arrested.

The person charged with the crime is a Milford man, Eric Lapenna, a 22 year old that was apprehended in Florida by local authorities. Mr. Lapenna had to be extradited to Connecticut where he will face multiple counts besides just robbing banks.

According to the Milford Police two additional warrants were served on him. One warrant alleges the theft of checks from a residence on Milford Point Road, the other charges include, violation of probation, first degree robbery, second degree larceny and a failure to appear in court after a domestic dispute.

Currently Mr. Lapenna's bond is set at $600,000 and has future court appearances and an arraignment scheduled in the coming weeks.

The apprehension of Mr. Lapenna has brought some much needed justice to the Sikorski Credit union that was robbed not once, but twice in a period of a few months. The security cameras at these locations also revealed others who were involved in the theft. No official report exists as to whether or not the robberies, each on seperate days are connected.

Because some accomplices to these crimes are not yet apprehended, and the investigation and questioning of Mr. Lapenna will certainly be pursued, catching all involved in the heist will be challenging. The photo above shows other individuals involved in the separate robbery.

According to standard police protocol, it could be entirely possible that Mr. Lapenna could be offered a reduced sentence or a special plea deal if he reveals the names of his accomplices.

The FBI is also involved in other Milford bank related robberies but no mention is specifically made as to their involvement in this case or the Lapenna extradition. Robbing banks is also a Federal offense when state lines are crossed.

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