Monday, November 9, 2009

Gov. Rell Will Not Seek Re-Election

Former speaker Jim Amann must be pleased that his number one rival decided to opt out of her bid for Governor. With Rell out of the Race there are now eager Republican Contenders. This years shift in favor of the Republican paradigm is good news for Gov. Rell's Lt. Governor Mike Fedele who said he will pursue the states top job, and made his announcement on the heels of Rell's.

Democratic contenders have swelled, and the race is a wide open bid with lots of interesting people including another Amann rival Ned Lamont who has yet to announce. Lamont probably still remembers his endorsement of Lieberman, and he will certainly make the race interesting if he throws his hat into the ring with Malloy, and Bycyewitz.

Gov. Rell indicated that after giving her decision a long hard look decided it would be best for her and her family to retire from office come 2010.

Our next Governor will be one mired with record deficits, serious economic problems and a turbulent society. This is certainly not a Job worthy of any envy and I wish only for the best leader to emerge.

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