Sunday, November 8, 2009

This Weeks Property Transfers

76 Point Lookout, FCB Rem LLC to Prisco A. Panza and Gina A. Falcone-Panza, $1,715,000. (Resold At a $260,000.00 Loss)

200 Burnt Plains Rd, Liquidation Prop Inc to Thomas J. and Erin H. Toole, $281,000.

91 Cedarhurst Ln, Sharon E. Lucca to US Bk, $1.

47 Elaine Rd, Scott R. and Emily E. Davie to Alicia Digennaro, $275,000.

33 Foran Rd Unit 11, Mark Pucci & Assoc LLC to Lindsey Anderson, $142,000.

131 Foxwood Close Unit 131, Cheryl A. Funaro to Rebecca L. Strickland, $153,000.

26 Greenview Ln Unit 26, Jeffrey M. Green to Rosemary Spitz, $161,875.

94 Harvest Ln, John T. and Joyee G. Powers to Christopher and Laura Krupp, $375,000.

48 Hawley Ave, John C. and Ruth H. Schneider to Mario and Anna Clericuzio, $240,000.

261 High St, James H T. Dunlavey to John Westerman, $319,000.

162 Hillside Ave, FHLM to Philip and Valerie Macari, $153,000.

52 Housatonic Dr, FHLM to Heiro Bosler, $185,000.

29 Howe St, Michele L. Harames to Christine Braccio, $190,000.

79 Kent St, Thomas J. Whitney to Thomas J. Cadigan and Nichole E. Grabell, $275,000.

9 Mayflower Ct, John A. and Timothy Grivalsky to Jonathan J. and Stacy L. Capobianco, $267,500.

267 Melba St Unit B27, Christopher Busk to Mary R. Schaefer, $218,000.

130 Merwin Ave, Jonathan D. Shweky to US Bk, $1.

56 Munson St, Afonso Chagas to Cristian Hidalgo and Justin Dunn, $199,000.

21 Pearl Hill St, Maria Santiago to Victor A. Lamberti, $266,000.

70 Riverside Dr, Dare Associates LLC to Jennifer J. Seagrave, $356,000.

6 Seaside Ave Unit 6, Nancy J. Hagopian to Ruth Kassab, $345,000.

60 Stevens St, Charles D. and Claire Casey to Ryan Phillip and Erin Leigh Day, $333,500.

10 Wepawaug Dr, John F. Chilmark and Mallory L. Domeracki to Richard Barrett, $241,500.

34 Zurko Farm Rd, Tam L. Jackson to Dipesh Sugandhi and Avnil Chauhan, $470,000.


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