Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gold America's & Milford's New Money

Everywhere you look, Television ads, newspaper ads, signs in front of our local hotels and meeting halls the signs are the same... "We buy Gold." The new gold rush is nothing new but lately it is looking better than ever as an investment redeemable in dollars, or for that matter any currency anywhere in the world.

Since 1913 Gold has steadily increased and proved itself as a stable investment. Gold once $22.00 per ounce is today $1,100.00 per ounce. Compare that to our paper currency and we have a backward relationship. What Two Cents bought in 1913 you need a Dollar for today, or a 98% decrease in value due to inflation.

Had we kept our Gold standard, meaning that our money was redeemable in Gold or Silver there would have been no inflation, because an ounce of gold would have purchased the same amount today as it did back then.

Unfortunately for those "banksters" and con men who wanted a "free ride" the science of turning lead into gold (Alchemists) failed badly. So the next best thing happened, Nixon ditched the gold standard and our money was backed by an unconstitutional law "legal tender" and a the power of "big government guns."

However, the "bankster" party is soon coming to an abrupt end, because as the world increasingly recognizes that America has virtually no viable industry left and is on the edge of insolvency. The Treasury keeps selling U.S. debt at record levels.

If that alone is not alarming enough the Fed also enacted a policy of "Quantitative Easing" or in other words we print money to buy debt (AKA T-Bills) no one wants. The U.S. rarely buys any other nations debt, and currently our Government cannot function without its printing press. David Walker of the GAO recently quit because he was "frustrated that Congress was not prepared to make the hard choices that had to be made" and the U.S. Federal Reserve is fiercely resisting an audit.

Recently they hired Enron's former P.R. firm to lobby Congress not to audit the Fed. Two bills H.R. 1207, and S.B. 604 were introduced in congress to complete the audit. Both bills have bipartisan support, but unfortunately neither Dodd nor Lieberman have Co-sponsored the bill despite the numerous End The Fed Rallies, Tea Parties and a recent poll showing that a large majority of American's want the GAO audit.

The corporatocracy, and billionaire traitor George Soros said the Dollar needs to suffer an orderly collapse, he would like to see our currency managed by a globalist World Bank. If the Corporate Plutocracy succeeds in this objective we may soon see the United States "on its knees" begging for help from the Globalist IMF.

Some may think that Americas wealth and Gold is at Fort Knox, and that America has lots of Gold. This was my initial premise and I wrote to Christopher Shays a former Congressmen from my old town.

Shay's sent me a disturbing letter, he said that "according to Edmund C. Moy, Director of The United States Mint, the United States Gold Reserves stated in 31 U.S.C. 5116 and 5117 (statutory Rates), which are $42.22 per fine troy ounce of Gold." This is the rate that legally must be used to report the value of Gold.

This is a real alarming report, because according to Ron Paul the Federal Reserve, a private consortium of "unknown" banks and owners lists the Gold on their balance sheet essentially making it the property of these private corporations.

The statutory rate is merely an indication of when the Gold reserves were last audited. It is fair to say that the audit had to be around the time of the above listed value of $42.22 this most likely occurred during the period of Woodrow Wilson, the same man who was put into office by the banking elite. Wilson also entered the U.S. into WWI, Gave us the I.R.S. and the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Bank.

Wilson later wrote in regret "I am a most Unhappy Man because I unwittingly ruined my country." Within the next two years as newer and more aggressive globalist attacks are directed at the U.S., such as the latest meeting of the G20, we will see increased activity in the transfer of worthless U.S. dollars into hard assets.

These assets may include tangible items like Agriculture, Oil, Natural Resources, Land, Precious Metals and Real Estate. Essentially anything that could be deemed a viable and legitimate non-depreciating asset. The little guy will get inflation in return as the immutable laws of supply and demand compete for value based asset acquisition.

When the U.S. Dollar tanks, financial experts such as Peter Schiff from Euro Pacific Capital, a contributor to CNBC, and a contender for the Republican Nomination for U.S Senate, says that the "Collapse will not be orderly, and when it does happen it will be more like a death spiral. The bankers at the G20 know this so they are trying to devise a way to save themselves first."

The news today at Reuters once again bears many of those same articles about the U.S. Dollar entering a dark period and gold continuing to reach new highs. Those who are able to protect themselves from this impending calamity will be able to retire comfortably, those who do not will soon find out how fast they can be deprived of their life savings.

Alex Jones, a Texas radio host said this about the Plutocracy: "They laugh at our Dollar, they know its nothing more than paper and not wealth, most of what they retain is Gold and similar non depreciating assets."

Hopefully after reading what I wrote here you will take the time to validate that what I am saying is in fact true. Hopefully those of you who still are in denial will take some meaningful action in seeking out advice and consult with your own financial experts. Get more than one opinion, and by all means be ready to do the required research to support yourself.

We are merely one terrorist act away from this nightmare immediately going into full force

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