Saturday, November 14, 2009

Milford Now Dials (203) DPUC Makes Using The Telephone More Annoying

No your phone is not broken, the Department of Public Utility Control has just launched its new communications platform in preparation for two new Connecticut area codes.

When you go to use your phone and you dial your friends telephone number as you used to, expect to get a real annoying message asking you to dial their area code. This change is anticipation of the new system launching on December 12, 2009.

Connecticut's two new area codes will be 475 and 959. Anyone living in Fairfield and New Haven County will most likely get the 475 area code as their new regional designation.

Phil Dukes of the DPUC said "the additional codes were required because the number of phone numbers in the state is increasing exponentially. As recently as 15 years ago, the typical family might have had only one or two phone lines. Now, he said, with the proliferation of cell phones, fax machines and other technology, the one-line home is practically non existent."

Anyone with existing telephone numbers will not have their area code changed as was done under previous changes. "The new measure is deemed necessary to stop the tide of misdialed numbers" Duke said.

Anyone who has a home alarm system should call their provider and make sure that the new dialing rules are built in to their autodialers. Most companies may have already compensated for the change or may have a pre-programmed number, but for the safety of your family in the event of an emergency you should make sure your system is properly tested and working properly.

Anyone with questions regarding these changes should contact their local telephone company operator.

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