Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tragedy Ends With Milford Officer Getting Arrested

Last June 13Th at 2:15A.M two Orange Teens lost their lives in a very sad and tragic accident. The accident occurred when Milford Police officer Jason Anderson collided with a Mazda.

Two very young adults lost their lives, one on site the other shortly after leaving for the hospital. The graphic details of this accident were played out through the media, and although the macabre of the entertainment based society we live in would certainly make today's post interesting, those details will be spared out of respect to the injured parties.

This accident appears to be about allegations of reckless driving, more teen deaths behind the wheels of cars, cities overwhelmed with crime, and a lawless public. After learning about this sad accident, I wrote a short post just reporting what happened, I was very tempted to write more about this very issue, but decided to let the investigation and the victims families tell their stories, hire their attorneys, and let the police department release its own facts.

The allegations and charges against the police officer are now very real, being suspended from duty and having surrendered himself to the state police, a court date now looms where Mr. Anderson must defend himself from criminal charges.

The family of the victims of Servins and Krakowski, have filed a lawsuit against the city of Milford and the Milford Police Department. The details and nature of the claim are not Germain nor have they been revealed, but in the words of the litigants, "no amount of money in the world can right the loss our family suffered."

This story would have never been published had not a a bar called Utopia in West Haven broken out into a riot. West Haven Police, alleged they were unable to quell the tide of lawlessness that night and made a plea for help to the Milford Police Department. Three officers were dispatched to West Haven to assist in crowd control.

The Accident took place as Mr. Anderson was returning from that incident. The young adults he hit about an hour later (in a "T Bone Collision") were out that early morning in pursuit of cigarettes. The accident took place at the intersection of Boston Post Road and Dogwood Road in Orange

While all the facts in this case have not been revealed, there have been several requests to get the video from the police cruiser. Freedom of information requests have been made to obtain this video, but because of the nature and sensitivity of this case, and the fact their is pending litigation, the video can only be released according to the law, and with the due diligence of the many attorneys now involved.

The arrest in this case, has certainly been a positive development for some of the friends and families of the victims who have said they feel that "justice is being served, and their process of healing can begin."

To date there has been no comment by Chief Mello regarding changes to the Milford Police Departments policy of dealing with officers who engage in acts of reckless driving, drag racing or other like abuses of police vehicles.

The entire incident was a monumental wake-up call to the 100 police officers in the department who will certainly remember this incident for years to come. Even if no new policy is implemented I am certain that the magnitude of scope and nature of the loss of life, and injuries sustained, will be an induced policy that the officers will personally carry for years to come.

My prayers go out to the families, relatives, and loved ones of both victims and I sincerely wish for justice to be served in a manner that permits healing in a healthy and spiritual way.

Anderson has been charged with reckless driving. He was released on a $250,000 bond and is due in court on November 24. Keefe says he will plead "not guilty."

Should Mr. Anderson prevail in his trial with a verdict of "not guilty" this may adversely affect the damages and awards from any victim civil suits against the city of Milford and The Police Department.


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