Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Polansky Attorney Calls Accusations Baseless And False

News over the weekend caused Milford Superintendent Harvey Polansky to become overwhelmed with shock and awe. Polanski retained the services of Fred Dorsey, an attorney from Hartford who spoke on his behalf.

Dorsey claims that the two principals in question have made baseless accusations, that there is no merit to their remarks but stopped short of calling them outright liars. Polanski, instead expects that he will be vindicated and looks forward to coming back to work so he can finish what he started as superintendent.

The Republican dominated board of education will decide Mr. Polanski's fate along with an independent investigation. The new board will be led by Dr. Mark Stapleton (R), who in the past thought the disciplinary actions of the board, regarding the previous Superintendent Firn, were harsh and unwarranted.

Meanwhile the costs to the city regarding this fiasco are dramatically escalating as all sides are hiring lawyers in addition to private investigators. The school district is also paying Polanski to stay home.

The two Principals, who still wish to remain un-named said that they know the scope and severity of their accusations, that these accusations are not something they took lightly. One of the principals broke down and cried shortly after an advance by Polanski. She said she sought advice from a friend, and felt that the best way to deal with the situation was to file a complaint to make it stop.

Polanski's response was in no way a surprise to the two principals, but both assured my sources that they are not "liars," and there was no "mis-understandings" like Polanski is claiming. One of the two principals is considering finding new employment should Polanski return to work.

One thing that all involved agree on is that our schools should remain a healthy and safe place to work outside the pressures of unwanted advances, embraces, or inappropriate touching by any employee especially the boss.

(Above Photo obtained from the internet and does not neceessarily reflect current events see the comments for more info.)


Anonymous said...

When was the photo at the head of this story taken? Is it just a coincidence that the embattled superintendant is flanked by both the Mayor and a police officer? How about a caption with the photo!!! Pour journalism, as usual.

Rocco J. Frank Jr. C. E. & Michael Vecchiarelli M.A. said...

Do not recall the nature of that photo, but I found it very interesting the same as you that Jim is standing by his side with the cops in the background perhaps it was from the last investigation as the person who posted it did not specifically say.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough. But your disdain of the Mayor is getting pathetic.

Rocco J. Frank Jr. C. E. & Michael Vecchiarelli M.A. said...

Jim is a real nice guy, but I am disappointed in the 8,000 plus voters who were subjected to his massive disinformation campaign.

The truth was told by those who investigated his actions, the New Haven Register, and most quality reporters at the CT Post. The Democrats, Republican party defectors, and the Independents had it right.

Right about now, Jim got what I predicted only sooner than I expected. He got grave problems with the educational system that has been of his own making.

Jim has no good leadership in his administration, not one that can read or understand a budget, run the school system or understand fiscal responsibility.

Say what you want, the facts are going to be in the upcoming massive tax increase, and student test scores.

This cycle I expect Jim to raise our taxes more than any other period of his tax and spend administration and engage in a sustained attack on education.

You will know what I mean when you open your tax bill, and our girs are in mens bathrooms to save money. Maybe not this year (that was the Democrats) but the year after that. Just wait and see, Jim can prove me wrong.. but sorry to say I doubt he is smart enough to make a fool of me.

Anonymous said...

I hope the taxes don't go up too much!