Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Milford Republicans Sweep Landslide Victory

The Milford Republicans enjoyed a lopsided victory this election. Most onlookers at the Spalthoff Headquarters watched in awe as the numbers for Republicans across scores of towns showed the same ominous result.

This years election appears to be part "deux" of the nationally driven pendulum swing of the Republican and Democrat paradigm. For those who remember "Obamamania" last year it was a stellar victory for anyone with a "D" next to their name this year its an "R."

The election results are rather disconcerting, not because the people got what they voted for or because we rewarded "bad behavior" but because our municipalities appear to be paying a price for what happens on the national level. This years election Results were certainly great news for the Republicans, but I am certain that many of the people who voted, had no idea about how many good people in Milford city councils were lost.

This type of paradigm shift is what got us the Solitaire Playing state representative that the Republican's were so critical of, certainly we hope this is not again the type of leadership borne of this type of "propaganda" or "blind voting" we got this year. Certainly I am expecting enormous mistakes will be made by our new inexperienced leaders and certainly I am expecting conflict and controversy over the unchecked and aggressive policies of the new Richetelli gang.

There was a time I believed that all politics were local, but today I am not so sure the voters of Milford agree with me. This election once again made it clear that Fox News, Glenn Beck and MSNBC are calling the shots in our small city.

While I knew that the voters were upset over the broader national agenda, in no way did I ever believe that a third choice, the Independent Party, or the Democratic Party, (who had great candidates,) would be so unilaterally rejected as viable alternative choices.

Milford's future is certainly going to be challenged, the "faux pas/tromp do lei" economy will soon unravel and taxation/inflation/unemployment is going to climb. The city, state, and the Federal Government are expected to continue in its relentless and aggressive pursuit of funding from the dying middle class.

Many of you used the national agenda as the basis for your local vote, and did so with the hope of change. I am sorry to say that this only allowed your anger over Obama result in the loss of some real Democrat patriots who were great board members looking out for your interests.

Having been to almost every debate, and spent the last several months getting to know all the city candidates in the running, I learned that their is some real new inexperienced leadership who will be serving our mayor and not you. This is not to say that there are'nt any good people in the overall list of elected newcomers, but by no means did Milford elect the "best of the best" or the most competent and talented people. You will soon see this when the Mayor asks for something and his newly elected band of servants "jumps through hoops" for him while injuring you.

"The Richetelli team," as the mayor puts it will be implemented in full force and will have a majority on every city board. The city is now committed to $3,000,000.00 in pay, bonuses, perks, health care, and future benefits to our mayor. The only obsticle now is us the taxpayers and his skill in decieving his followers with the new Republican ideology.

Many people in town love Jim, and have touted his sincerity and charm as a feeling of safety. Now the good people of Milford are nesting in the "mouth of the alligator." Expect higher unemployment from city positions and a systemic attack on our teachers unions, schools and municipal jobs.

My focus over the next few years is going to be an important fight to save the Milford School system from the "Republican Cutting Block." More than ever all those involved in this years elections are going to have to stay active and voice their concerns to our local city councils and our zoning boards if we are to keep this approaching "train wreck" from becoming a local disaster. One thing that the Republican Party and Democratic Party has made clear, is that they stick together and relinquish their authority to their own. However, both sides, never miss an opportunity to increase their pensions, vote themselves raises and improve the quaility of their health care at your cost.

Next time you see someone on the road in need of emergency services and a ten year old ambulance arrives late, is in disrepair, and you later hear that that person died on the way to the hospital, do not forget "who packed their parachute" and pray its not you. Welcome to the new Milford!


Anonymous said...

You are just a sore loser. The people have spoken, and clearly they think Mayor Richetelli is the best and they want more of his great policies. That was a monumental sweep, and a very, very clear message from the citizens of Milford!

Rocco J. Frank Jr. C. E. & Michael Vecchiarelli M.A. said...

Always an interesting comment, while I understand your victory is exciting, also know that politics is not only just about winning. That is behind you now, what comes next is performing, this is where I have serious doubts.

I am not going to recite facts, because facts will only turn a constructive reply into a debate about who is telling the truth.

Please, take your blinders off learn the facts step outside campaign HQ and into the Library and there you will have a chance to see the big picture.

You will wake up soon I promise.

bobj said...

What this blog really need to gain credibility is an editor, or at least a proofreader (absolutely no offense intended).

AMR provides the ambulance service (have used it myself after a 911 call), and it looked to be in fine repair and of recent vintage. The MFD's own fire/rescue vehicle may be 10 years old or more, but it also seems in fine repair.

I think you're beiung a bit of an alarmist, no?

Rocco J. Frank Jr. C. E. & Michael Vecchiarelli M.A. said...

"Alarmist?" I hope that you are correct, everyday I read hundreds of pages of news and research, everyday I look for that "ray of light."

Nothing would make me happier than to be proven an "alarmist" and to suffer my own humiliation as a "whack Job."

That would be so much easier than dealing with the fact that America may soon have worthless money, tyrannical taxes, joblessness, and hyper inflation.

Maybe sounding the alarm is bad idea, lets let the Richetelli team get caught with their "pants down."

Like I said, Jim needs to stay put and out of rehab, he needs to get serious and start performing.

It would also help him to whipe that "smirk off his face" because its not going to work the same way when the "poop hits the fan."

He will not be able to smile his way through the impending problems of his office.

Anonymous said...

Wooooowwwww! Probably the most ridiculous article I have read thus far during this whole election. Really, are you serious? Can I offer you some cheese with that whine? You people are totally clueless. No wonder you and your dems or independents or whomever you support didn't even come close this year.

Rocco J. Frank Jr. C. E. & Michael Vecchiarelli M.A. said...

The only way to have accurately answer that question would be to have Richetelli been a Democrat this year.

Do you think the outcome would have been the same?

Anonymous said...

What a silly question. The Republicans won a landslide because the people want Republican policies, and not Democrat or other policies. Duh.

Anonymous said...

"Jim needs to stay put and out of rehab, he needs to get serious and start performing."
That's the best I've heard yet. Obviously he's performed in the past 8 years, otherwise Milford wouldn't have voted him back in office with 60% of the votes - a really, really embarassing figure for the other candidates and a clear embracement of his performance.
As for the rehab part, when are you people going to understand that dirty politics and whining is not what convinces voters? Making it sound like the mayor runs City Hall on crack cocaine when clearly he's not only aggravates the honest people of this town and makes you sound weak, cheap, and desperate.

Rocco J. Frank Jr. C. E. & Michael Vecchiarelli M.A. said...

O.K. Lets get the record straight here. Read the article below by Marian Gail Brown. She really unblurs the line between simple meanness and job performance, she did it well which is why I included her article.

Everyone in town wants lower taxes, and most everybody wants quality schools. If you study the Richetelli Submitted Budgets they all call for cuts in education and increased taxes. Look them up, and forward me one that actually has a tax decrease in it if it exists.

I am not critical of Jim's recreational habit, I am certain that he does not tell the truth about more than just his addiction.

I am also certain that he got an incredible pardon from people who all believed that what he wrote in his countless pieces of propaganda was somehow his work.

Jim took credit for other peoples work, NOT HIS OWN, he fought everything he took credit for up to the day it became popular.

Had it been unpopular, Slippery Jim would have gone the other way. Catch my drift? Jim is perfect, and gets credit for everything great and nothing bad.

Those are the facts, look them up and quit treating him like he is being "picked on."

Anonymous said...

Do not blame the Republican's lop-sided win on what's going with the national healthcare debate. Has not one thing to do with it!!!!